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Real Time ToolReal Time Tool

Last update: Apr 15, 2024
  • This tool allows the user to track the day-to-day progress of a crop and provides the user with a recommended amount of irrigation water to apply each day.
  • (A) A real-time crop simulation is initiated by selecting management inputs and hitting the Submit button at the bottom.
  • (B) Once initiated, the tool is programmed to automatically rerun the simulation using updated weather data downloaded daily from the weather station selected. To make the tool more accurate, rainfall and weather data recorded at the nursery can be entered manually to override data automatically downloaded from the weather station. Provisions are also made for the user to enter spacing and pruning activities as well as make plant height adjustments during the course of the season.
  • (C) A recommended irrigation amount is provided for the current day. Graphical output is also updated each day the simulation is rerun.

A. Crop Detail - Select plant date and other management practices

The tools on this website are free of charge, but user must login and establish an account to change and submit inputs other than default values. By establishing an account, the user can also save and manage inputs and outputs from simulations.

Select the plant species:
    Viburnum odoratissimum (fast-growing, large leaves, upright-spreading habit)
    Ilex vomitoria (slow-growing, small leaves, semi-broad spreading habit)
    Note: Changing plant species automatically changes default settings for finish height below.
Select the container size:
    Trade #1
    Trade #3
    Note: Changing container size automatically changes default settings for cost basis, finish height, and fertilizer rate menus below.
Select a location nearest your nursery:
Belle Glade Clermont Fort Myers Gainesville Jacksonville Milton Plant City Quincy Tamiami Trail Dade Jay Marianna Quincy Monticello Live Oak Macclenny Carrabelle Alachua Putnam Hall Hastings Bronson Citra Pierson Ocklawaha Umatilla Apopka Brooksville Okahumpka Avalon Dover Lake Alfred Kenansville Frostproof Balm Ona Fort Pierce Sebring North Port Arcadia Palmdale Clewiston Belle Glade Immokalee Fort Lauderdale Homestead
Select plant start date: (click here for week of year table) select
Select end year:
Spacing arrangement:
    Triangular Pattern
    Square Pattern
spacing arrangement
Container spacing when plants are first placed out onto the production area:
    B = between top edge of containers

    W = between top edge of containers
spacing arrangement

Fertilizer detail (more info)
    Fertilizer rate:
      Enter lb N per cubic yard:
      Enter g of fertilizer per container:
    Enter percent total N in fertilizer: (more info) %
    Enter a percent controlled-release N: (more info) %
    Enter percent P2O5 in fertilizer: (more info) %
    Enter longevity rating of controlled-release fertilizer: (more info) months.

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